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Yoebi Wine Glass Holder

Yoebi Wine Glass Holder

  • $9.99

Yoebi Wine Glass Holders are designed to address the difficulty of keeping a standard wine glass in cup holders on boats.Standard wine glasses do not fit well and will be unstable out on a choppy lake.

The Yoebi fits into most standard 3.5" diameter cup holders. Just place the Yoebi into a cup holder and slide the base of the stemware into the slot in the top. Then simply slide your glass out to take a drink and replace it into the Yoebi between sips. The Yoebi allows for easy placement and no worry of tipping or breakage.

Yoebi's can be bought individually or in packs of four. Black and white options are both available. Nickel Finish holders are also available, as well as a suction cup variant. These options may only be bought individually.


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