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Wine Widgy - Wine Glass Holder for Boat Cupholders

  • $14.99



Put an end to wobbly wine glasses on your pontoon with the Wine Widgy. Cup holders on most boats are designed to hold cans or solo cups, not wine stems. The Wine Widgy solves this dilemma with snug fitting foam that wraps around your wine stem. and allows boaters to enjoy wine as it was meant to be while out on the water.

  • Wine Widgy is a 3.5" diameter EVA foam disc that slips around the stem of any standard wine glass
  • It secures the glass in place in a boat's cup holder
  • The Widgy slides onto the stem through a slot in the radius
  • Small holes around the edge of the disc are cut out to make the glass easy to remove from the cup-holder

The Wine Widgy comes in a set of four with the following sets to choose from. 

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Or a set of all 4 colors

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