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"Sea Maid" Tow Behind Fresh Ice Cream Maker

  • $75.99

Special Offer! For a limited time, buy one Sea Maid get one free. Available in two blue, two red, or one blue and one red.

Fresh ice cream right on your boat? Be the envy of the lake with this unique ice cream maker that makes up to 12.5 oz in as little as 20 minutes. The perfect way to cool you down on a hot day on the lake.

Can be towed behind a pontoon boat, cruiser, sailboat, or kayak. Flavors can be mixed at home and kept in a cooler until needed out on the water. Make fresh home made ice cream right on your boat or personal watercraft.  


Insulated holder for aluminum cup
Heavy duty bearing swivel line attachment
Includes lid tightening wrench that doubles as a spoon

    Available in blue and red.


    All you need is heavy cream, flavor of your choice, ice, and rock salt. The cream and flavor go into the internal mixing container. Fill it an inch from the top to leave room for expansion. Next, fill the internal chamber with as much ice as possible and ½ cup of rock salt. After you’ve made sure it’s sealed tight, attach a line onto the heavy-duty swivel and drop it over the side. As long as you’re moving, it will do all the work. A spiral-dynamic exterior chamber keeps the Sea Maid in constant motion while being towed. In 20-25 minutes, you will have fresh ice cream. For best results do not tow over 8 MPH.


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