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Pontoon Water Slide

  • $399.00

The Freefall Pontoon Slide adds huge fun to a day on the water. Designed to fit most production pontoon boats, this heavy duty inflatable slide towers above the deck, offering an exciting 7-8 ft vertical drop to the water. Built using commercial grade materials, the Freefall Pontoon Slide will last for years. Includes heavy stainless anchor rings, replaceable anchor straps and a powerful 12V Turbo pump for quick inflate/deflate. Freefall Pontoon Slide is for PONTOON BOAT use ONLY. The slide is NOT for use without a boat, and NOT for use on any other type of vessel. BEFORE ASSEMBLY, take the time to confirm that your pontoon boat meets the following criteria. Improper installation may result in personal injury or death.
  • STEP 1: Guard rail MUST be 20" - 30" tall
  • STEP 2: Slide area must be at least 36" wide and 26" - 30" from rail to front of seat
  • STEP 3: Distance to vertical brace point is AT LEAST 15" and LESS THAN 50" (each side of slide)

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