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Pontoon Rail Mount for Gas Grills

  • $49.99

Pontoon 1.25" rail mount bracket set for your BBQ grill. Enjoy your own BBQ grill mounted to your pontoon boat railing.  Material is Solid Zinc electro-plated steel.  Fits 1.25” Square tube boat rails.  Won't scratch or mark your railing, quick on and off – Portable so you can stow away – use – and re-stow! Comes with ¼” carriage bolts that you fit to the bottom of your grill (you may need to drill some holes), or use your own ideas for a solid mount – bungee’s, ratchet straps, c-clamps etc.  This is for the brackets only.  The grill in the photograph is for illustration only.  Please note that if you buy the Cuisinart Petit Grill separately, it will not work with our Grill Bracket set.  You will need the retrofitted version to work.

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