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Portable Pontoon Fireplace

  • $850.00

The Portable Fire Pit features a 16" Fire Pit built into an upholstered and padded table that features Remote Adjustable Flame Control and Shut-Off Valve, Electronic Ignition,  and a Locking Lid . The interior is vented, fire retardant and self draining. There are also convenient handles for transporting the Table to other locations.

Standard Features

• Locking lid

• Portable with handles

• Stainless steel burn pan

• Powder coated aluminum pans and lid

• Gas hoses with fittings

• Igniter with wires

• Shut off valve

• Glass fire beads

• Spark generator



• $1.25 per hour of use

• Standard 20 pound grill tank last 15 hours

• Fully assembled



• Shut off valve

• Lid latch

• Not for cooking/no grease fire

• Designed to maneuver around easily in tight spaces

• Easy to read owners manual



40,000 BTU FIRE


• Easy to operate

• Warm and inviting

• Clean burning propane



Length: 24"

Width: 16"

Height: 24"

Weight: 39 lbs. + LP Tank

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